Recovery Bits Starter Canister (Large)


Chlorella large canister includes reusable storage canister with easy pour spout, travel tin and small refill bag containing 1,000 tablets (3 month supply).

Suggested serving is 10 bits daily, best if taken in the evening.



Bits algae tables are nutritionally dense “bits of food”. Each tablet contains over 60% protein, high chlorophyll and 40+ vitamins/minerals. Nothing added. Nothing subtracted. Just 100% pure unprocessed algae. Each algae tablet contains the SAME nutrition as a heaping plate of vegetables.

Chlorella is for wellness and detoxing. It has the highest glutathione, RND/DNA and chlorophyll in the world as well as forty other vitamins/minerals. Chlorella removes toxins/heavy metals, build immune health, improves mitochondria, gut health, and boosts longevity. Chlorella has so much chlorophyll it replaces vegetables, greens and supplements.