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Trust Your Gut

Let me make sense of  trusting your gut. Also known as your intuition, trusting your gut is a vital part of being human. You know your body better than anyone. Trusting that something isn’t right is a road worth following. As I sit here watching my mother sleep after her 3rd cranioplasty surgery in two and a half years, I can’t help but pat myself on the back for trusting my gut. You’ve read her story, so you know about the first two cranioplasty surgeries but this one was different. As her story continued, she was doing well in therapy and gaining mobility. In April we followed up with a neurologist who said everything seemed to be going well. By June I noticed some dips on her skull and felt the screws were starting to show. Her next neurologist appointment was early August and we decided to wait since I heard this was a common occurrence as the bone settles and it wasn’t bothering her. The August appointment was canceled due to a medical conflict and the office wanted to reschedule for December. I refused to wait, my gut was telling me to call her neurosurgeon so I did. At this point my mom started complaining of headaches so I was not letting this go. We got an appointment right away with the neurosurgeon and my fear was confirmed. She has resorption and her body was eating away at her skull. The doctor felt it was a result from the sepsis she suffered a year ago that bacteria may have attached to the bone flap. We immediately took steps to prepare for surgery and get a mold done for a prosthetic scalp. Bringing us to today…

Given that this was the worst case of resorption her doctor has ever seen in his career, time was of the essence. Had we waited until December this situation would have been critical. The doctors and staff were surprised that this was caught in time. They said most patients in this situation are usually brought in as an emergency. Post-surgery, her doctor said the skull was as thin as an egg shell and was completed shattered and they had to remove it piece by piece.

Human intuition is a feeling deep in the body that you know something without having any proof or reason. Many people often dismiss these feelings then at a later date when a situation presents itself, they wish they trusted their gut sooner. There is no medical reason behind the feeling you get and some say its spiritual, but many people have changed the course of their medical care just by trusting their gut and pushing for answers.

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